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We don't learn by putting information into our heads. We learn by trying to retrieve information from our heads. That's why Python Morsels is based around writing Python code (instead of watching lengthy videos).

Python Morsels is not an introduction to Python, but a habit-based skill-building system for professional Python programmers. We learn best through regular practice, so each week I'll send recommend a specific exercise to solve based on your skill level.

After you've solved an exercise, I'll walk you through different ways to solve each exercise, with a focus on what makes one solution better than another. Then I'll ask you to reflect on your learning to consider what you could have improved in your solution and what new ideas you'd like to remember.

Volker Englisch

Overall I have to admit that I'm blown away by the usefulness of your weekly exercises. There is nothing academic about them and they seem to be applicable to many situations. In addition, the exercises are simple enough to follow the basic concepts while the bonus sections provide depth to keep me busy for the week. Thanks again for your great training!

It's like regular tennis practice

A tennis class can help you get into tennis, but you won't get good at tennis from taking classes. Habitual practice is the best way to improve your tennis skills.

Python Morsels is like weekly tennis practice. It's not a Python class, it's guided deliberate practice for writing readable and maintainable Python code.

A long-time user described Python Morsels like Hannon's finger exercises for piano, but for Python. Whether your skill is tennis, piano, or Python, the best practitioners use practice to stay sharp.

Exercise submission page showing base problem and 1/3 bonuses solved with 11 points rewarded and a button to see Trey's solutions
Eric Joanis

I just did my semi-annual review with my supervisor, and realized that in the six months or so I've been doing Morsels, my Python skill levels have significantly improved. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and have deep expertise in C++, Perl, and Bash, but when I signed up for Morsels, I was frustrated at the gaps in my Python knowledge, especially with all its idiosyncrasies. The weekly exercise model really works for me, and now I'm confident handling all the Python problems work throws at me, and feel confident calling myself an intermediate to advanced Python programmer.

Can't I just watch YouTube and solve Hacker Rank exercises?

YouTube has tons of Python videos and websites like Exercism and Hacker Rank have lots of free Python exercises. So why pay for Python Morsels? There's really one reason: you're trading money for time.

I guarantee Python Morsels will include:

  • No ads: you're not the product, the screencasts are
  • No filler content: no ad revenue means no need for long videos
  • My own expertise: I'll teach you what I know (but not what I don't)

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What's included?

On the All Access plan, you'll get:

  • Weekly exercise recommendation emails customizable by your skill level and interest
  • Access to over 150 multi-part exercises, including over 400 bonuses
  • Access to over 90 screencasts with new screencasts added each week
  • Access to a short article that accompanies each screencast (in case you prefer reading over watching)
  • Gentle nudges via email and the web app to keep you moving forward on a regular basis

The exercises currently include practice with:

  • Text processing
  • Generator functions
  • Decorators
  • File manipulation
  • First-class functions
  • Command-line interfaces
  • Context managers
  • Immutability
  • Comprehensions
  • Creating custom collections and data structures
  • Object-oriented Python
  • Descriptors
  • Binary files and streams
  • Recursive functions and data structures
  • Time complexity optimizations
  • Metaclasses

... and lots of discussions about code-style best practices along the way!

Jeannie Friedel

I love these exercises. They are short and simple enough that I can do them in between putting my daughters to bed but challenging enough that I learn something new almost every time. Of course there is always a long - probably unpythonic - way to solve most problems, but I push myself, not to make it short, but to make it readable, clear, and pythonic. It's great to be able to try different stuff out that I may not use every day because I'm just not comfortable with it. I usually get more out of the bonuses than the main exercise, but I absolutely LOVE having the automated tests.

What can you expect from this?

Python Molsels isn't magic; it's carefully crafted learning. If you spend an hour each week working on the next recommended exercise, your Python skills will improve every week.

Each exercise should introduce you to a couple new concepts and revisit a few semi-familiar concepts. Related concepts crop up repeatedly (with a new twist each time) so you can witness your progress along your Python journey.

I seem to learn more each week for the couple of hours that I spend on these exercises than the rest of the week combined.

I strive to make Python Morsels as effective and time-efficient as possible. I assume that you're a busy person who values your time and I do not want to waste your time.

Eric Pederson

When signing up my biggest concern was time - time is always the most precious commodity.

The purchase was well worth it. The time I spent working on Python Morsels problems translated into saved time programming for work. And it's not a grind - it's actually fun.

I've learned advanced Python concepts that I would have never had the opportunity to use in my day to day work, like creating decorators, descriptors and metaclasses. Over multiple problems you begin to gain fluency with a wide range of techniques.

Besides becoming fluent in advanced Python language concepts, one of the things I enjoy is reading Trey's solutions. They are exceptionally well written idiomatic Python. In addition, the problem examples and the automated tests are very helpful in guiding you iteratively towards a solution.

I hope the next frontier for Python Morsels will be asyncio (which will be tricky to test but I believe Trey can do it).

I recommend Python Morsels to my co-workers and anyone else who will listen. I think it's the best resource for an experienced developer who wants to up their Python game.

This is only going to get better

Trey Hunner smiling in a t-shirt against a yellow wall

My name is Trey Hunner and I created Python Morsels to give life-long learners a low-stress way to improve their Python skills.

I really enjoy improving the Python Morsels platform and continually refining the learning material on this platform. I've made a lot of improvements over the past few years and I have many more improvements planned for the next few years.

If I increase the price of Python Morsels in the future, I guarantee that your subscription price will remain the same because I appreciate your support.

Dr. Thomas Jacobi

The bonus parts are my favorite. They often involve a twist that requires a complete rethinking of the (mostly easy) solution of the base part.

Some other aspects I particularly enjoy:

  1. Steady practice of a wide range of Python features
  2. Solutions come with great explanations
  3. Hints (which I mostly read after providing a solution) point to great resources
  4. Excellent tests, which provide also material that can be used to deepening Python skills (at least for me)

Python Morsels is an excellent learning/practice opportunity that's steady, interesting, comprehensive and challenging.

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