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For years, Python Morsels users have asked me for the ability to access the entire exercise archive all at once. In April 2021 I created an All Access plan just for that reason!

Instead of getting one exercise each week, the All Access plan offers a weekly recommendation email and unlimited access to all exercises and screencasts within the Python Morsels archive.

Cash in your exercise credits for a big discount

Have dozens of exercise credits in your account? No problem!

Switching to All Access will cash in your exercise credits for a one-time discount of $4 per exercise credit.

So if you have 100 exercise credits in your account, you'll get a $400 discount off the All Access plan. That's two whole years of access for free!

Why? This is my way of thanking you for being an early user of Python Morsels. I really appreciate your support.

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What's included?

On the new All Access plan, you'll get:

  • Weekly exercise recommendation emails customizable by your skill level and interest
  • Access to over 150 multi-part exercises, including over 400 bonuses
  • Access to all current screencasts (over 100) with new screencasts added each week
  • Access to a short article that accompanies each screencast (in case you prefer reading over watching)
  • A point system to track your progress and encourage you to keep moving forward

The exercises currently include practice with:

  • Text processing
  • Generator functions
  • Decorators
  • File manipulation
  • First-class functions
  • Command-line interfaces
  • Context managers
  • Immutability
  • Comprehensions
  • Creating custom collections and data structures
  • Object-oriented Python
  • Descriptors
  • Binary files and streams
  • Recursive functions and data structures
  • Time complexity optimizations
  • Metaclasses

... and lots of discussions about code-style best practices along the way!

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