Django June 2023: Tips & Discussions

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Django is definitely not the only thing I use Python for, but I use and teach Django quite often. In the first half of 2023, I held 3 Django-related trainings, did some Django consulting, and I worked on the Python Morsels web app, which is written in Django.

My Django students and clients often ask questions that make me realize I have Django opinion that might be of interest to someone else (a fact that's challenging to recognize in isolation)! So for the month of June I decided to post daily-ish social media threads (to both Mastodon and Twitter) on interesting Django-related ideas using the tag #DjangoJune.

Here's a summary of the couple dozen Django tips from this #DjangoJune adventure, including links to the Mastodon threads and occasional links to the Twitter threads (when discussion on Twitter was sufficiently different).

Learning and community

Architecture and code style

Admin-specific tips

SQL query debugging

Where do I write my code?

No, you don't need to completely avoid business logic in your models module. In fact I recommend that you:

But isn't dumping lots of logic in models unwieldy? What about service layers?

Miscellaneous musings

Tim Schilling also shared a new explainer on Django migrations earlier this month using the Django June hashtag.

Keep in touch

I rarely focus so heavily on publicly teaching Django; my usual focus is teaching core Python skills.

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If you're interested in deepening your Python skills in a very hands-on way, try Python Morsels.

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