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Exercises and screencasts for life

Python Morsels is a robust skill-building system for Python developers and for a limited time, I’m offering lifetime access for only $480.

I don’t know if I’ll ever offer this deal again, so if you’re already a Python Morsels fan, I really don’t want you to miss out on this deal.

Supercharge your Python skills

Here’s a secret: our brains don’t learn by putting information into them, they learn by retrieving information from them! Every time you try to remember something you’ve learned and put it to use, you strengthen that knowledge. That’s why Python Morsels is a hands-on learning experience.

Python Morsels users improve their Python skills every week through exercises written by me, Trey Hunner. I use the expertise I’ve built over a decade of Python instruction to provide learning challenges based on real world problems.

Unlike other exercise platforms, Python Morsels also has a full test suite and support materials for every exercise. You’ll never wonder if you’ve solved the problems, and you’ll never be stuck without an information life raft.

“The manner of presentation is friendly and gentle, imbued with a lovely sense of wishing to share a discovery.”

Adam Simmons

Learn the right tools

Once you’ve given each exercise your best shot, you’ll lock-in your work, and then jump into my favorite part: a detailed discussion of different solutions along with the pros and cons of each. This is based on the approach I take when teaching private workshops at Fortune 500 companies.

Python Morsels isn’t about solving code challenges; it’s about supercharging your Python skills. I want you to be deepening your skills so you’re reaching for the right tools at the right time, writing code that’s more readable and efficient. I want you to let the strength of Python shine.

Deepen your skills; don’t waste your time.

Python Morsels users receive recommended next steps via email every week. If you only have a few minutes, you’ll want to watch a recommended screencast or solve the recommended mini exercise. If you have more time, you’ll attempt a more involved exercise.

If you find that a weekly exercise just isn’t enough for you, you can work through further recommendations on your dashboard page. You can move at whatever pace you need.

Unlimited access for a limited time

From now through November 27, you can pay for just 2 years of Python Morsels and get access forever.

Python Morsels usually costs $240/year, but for a limited time, you can get lifetime access for just $480!

Over the last 6 years of Python Morsels existence, I’ve never offered a lifetime subscription and I don’t plan to offer another one anytime soon.

“The insightful answers Trey provides at the end, followed up with plentiful hints and links to external resources are my favourite thing about Python Morsels.”


What’s included in lifetime access?

From day 1, you’ll have access to an extensive library of resources including:

  • Over 200 Python exercises
  • Over 500 bonus exercises
  • Over 200 articles and screencasts

You’ll get lifetime access to all of these resources and all new content added in the future. This means you’ll have access to dozens of new exercises, screencasts, and articles every year to help you refine your Python skills.

To personalize your learning journey, Python Morsels also provides weekly recommendations for exercises, screencasts, and articles based on your skill level.

And that’s not all - you’ll also receive all the latest features and updates as they’re added. Check out the history page to see how far we’ve come!

What’s not included?

One-on-one Python tutoring

I fix bugs and occasionally reply to other emails, but one-on-one instruction isn’t included in Python Morsels subscriptions.

Consulting services

My consulting services are separate from Python Morsels. If that is more along the lines of what you need, head over to my training and consulting site!

My courses and workshops

This subscription does not include access to the courses, workshops, and training services that I offer. Python Morsels includes a lot of my learning resources, but not all of them.

Trey Hunner smiling

Python Morsels has been around for 6 years and from my perspective, it’s just getting started.

What Python Morsels Users Think

Thousands of Pythonistas have improved their skills

My Python skill levels have significantly improved

I have been a programmer for over 20 years and have deep expertise in C++, Perl, and Bash, but when I signed up for Morsels, I was frustrated at the gaps in my Python knowledge, especially with all its idiosyncrasies. The weekly exercise model really works for me, and now I’m confident handling all the Python problems work throws at me, and feel confident calling myself an intermediate to advanced Python programmer.

Eric Joanis

I keep recommending Python Morsels to everyone!

With Python Morsels I’ve made consistent progress, the time I spend learning results in marked improvements. The exercises are my favorite part, but the screencasts are great too: small, bite size learning, can just watch and then think about it for a while.


It’s a lot like getting a code review from a Python expert

Python Morsels helped give me the courage and confidence to go from self-taught Python programmer to being able to claim expertise with Python when applying for a job. I’ve even referred many of the people I now work with to Python Morsels when they’ve asked how I got so good at Python.


Python Morsels changed my life

Python Morsels may single handedly be responsible for me being able to competently respond during coding interviews in my fairly high level Silicon Valley role.


Created by a person with a passion for what he does

I can say for sure that this is the best challenge site I have ever come across, not only in terms of the challenges but also in the form of additional material support on your blog.

Bartosz Chojnacki

The solutions emphasize code readability first and foremost

I think Python Morsels is an ingenious service and a good value for the money. I’ve gotten a lot out of it.

David Lehane

I’m blown away by the usefulness of your exercises

There is nothing academic about them and they seem to be applicable to many situations. In addition, the exercises are simple enough to follow the basic concepts while the bonus sections provide depth to keep me busy for the week.

Volker Englisch

You can learn whenever you have a little time to spend

Python Morsels is one of the best Python learning resources I’ve found. The explanations are very clear and often profound. I especially love the shortness of the learning pieces.


It’s fun trying a new problem every week

Python Morsels has helped me learn good habits that make my code easier for future me to understand quickly.


I’ve learnt more from Python Morsels than anything else, by far.

What I appreciate most are Trey’s explanations: deep enough to give real understanding, but still accessible and concise. The exercises are well-designed, the interface is nice, and Trey is trustworthy.

Cosmo Grant

It’s not a grind - it’s actually fun.

I’ve learned advanced Python concepts that I would have never had the opportunity to use in my day to day work, like creating decorators, descriptors and metaclasses.

Eric Pederson

The explanations are pure gold: tremendously effective

With you I’m not learning how to program in Python. I am understanding Python. I have not seen better practical explanations of how Python actually works, instead of just showing how to do something in Python.

Nacho Núñez

I love Python Morsels

The best practices in C, C++, Perl, Go, and Bash don’t always apply to Python. Python Morsels is helping me to think in Python which helps me write Python code that is effective, efficient, smart, and reusable.


Python Morsels reinforce continuous learning

There are a bunch of free resources with novice stuff out there. But only here did I find a wonderful difficulty-based grading and thorough solutions corresponding to the difficulty selected. The purchase was absolutely worth it! I’ve learned a lot of advanced Python stuff.

Maxim Ivanov

This was money well-spent

Python Morsels is a good way to refresh your skills, especially when you work with Python along with other programming languages. I would definitive recommend Python Morsels but only after you’ve learned the basic concepts. This isn’t for complete beginners.


I am hooked on the screencasts and enjoy working on the problems

Python Morsels is not geared toward beginners and does a great job of providing an "interactive" learning experience that can be consumed on your own time.

Jeff Brown

The best learning platform I’ve used

What I love about Python Morsels is the way you’ve pedagogically structured the site and the exercises. It’s always a gentle stretch.

Jason Braganza

I really like the short screen casts

I find these morsels a really enjoyable way to learn Python and a good way to help a recovering COBOL/Smalltalk/C++/Java guy become more pythonic.

Leon Webster

Everything about these exercises is great

I can’t emphasize enough how useful it is to learn Python in a problem-solving context. You learn both Python idioms as well as more general programming concepts.

Joseph Flanagan

I absolutely LOVE having the automated tests

I love these exercises. They are short and simple enough that I can do them in between putting my daughters to bed but challenging enough that I learn something new almost every time.

Jeannie Friedel

I have already recommended Python Morsels to a couple coworkers

I like the ability to either watch or read each article, and I really like how things are organized by topic and tag. This allows me to deep dive into a topic and really think about what’s going on behind the scenes with Python.


The learning tool I need to fit into my hectic schedule

I have found Python Morsels to be perfect for fitting into a tight schedule. I didn’t expect how easy it would be to sit through a few videos or read a page on a topic during a short break, but this content is very well written, concise, and easy to retain!

Nate Thompson

a highly effective habit for me and my team

My biggest hesitation was not knowing if it would be worth the money before signing up. It most definitely IS worth it! Deliberate practice coupled with the clear and concise explanations make it the best way to improve my Python skills.


There are exercises for every level of Python learner

I really like the way the solutions are explained. The method for solving each problem is explained step-by-step in such a way that anyone can follow along.


It's steady, interesting, comprehensive and challenging.

The bonus parts are my favorite. They often involve a twist that requires a complete rethinking of the (mostly easy) solution of the base part.

Dr. Thomas Jacobi

Trey is an articulate and passionate teacher.

Python Morsels has been an incredibly enriching learning experience for me. The engaging exercises have boosted my Python coding skills significantly, offering the perfect balance of challenge and guidance.


The best learning option for Python regardless of level

I would highly recommend Python Morsels to anyone who wants to learn Python or anyone who wants to refresh their skills as a developer.

Reks Mouk

Practical and relevant for the working software developer

Three of our developers are doing Python Morsels. My biggest concern when signing up for Morsels was the time-involvement. Would it not cost too much time from my development team? The purchase was definitely worth it.

Sjoerd Job Postmus

the depth of information and generosity of spirit

I also appreciate the delivery style of Python Morsels. It's all articulated with clear, plain language and easy to follow examples. The manner of presentation is friendly and gentle, imbued with a lovely sense of wishing to share a discovery.

Adam Simmons

Is this for you?

Python Morsels is best suited for:

  1. Newer Pythonistas comfortable with Python’s syntax
  2. Experienced developers who are newer to Python
  3. Experienced Pythonistas hoping to dive even deeper

Python Morsels is not well-suited for:

  1. Brand new Pythonistas: Intro to Python not included
  2. Content Pythonistas with no desire to dive deeper

If you code in Python for a living and you plan to continue that for at least a few more years, get this deal.


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