Python Morsels Lifetime Access Sale

It's amazing how far Python Morsels has come since I started it nearly six years ago. Many users don't realize that it started as a simple weekly email list!

How far Python Morsels has come

My initial idea was simple — sending one real-world Python exercise every week via email. I had been teaching Python to teams and I wanted to see if I could bring learning techniques that I know work to a much larger audience.

Fast forward to today, and Python Morsels has grown into a sophisticated web app with a treasure trove of hands-on learning materials and a level-based recommendation system. It's been quite a journey, and I'm immensely proud of what we've built.

The heart of Python Morsels has always been you: the Python learners and enthusiasts who've joined me on this journey. Your feedback and support have been the driving force behind this platform's evolution. Your success stories are my biggest source of motivation and I'm grateful to be a part of your learning journey.

Eric Pederson

The time I spent working on Python Morsels problems translates into saved time programming for work. And it's not a grind - it's actually fun. I've learned advanced Python concepts that I would have never had the opportunity to use in my day to day work.

The sale: lifetime access

Now, I'm excited to announce this year's Cyber Monday sale: lifetime access.

For the price of a two-year subscription, you can have access to Python Morsels for as long as it exists. This is a unique opportunity to become a permanent Python Morsels member and to witness what Python Morsels will grow into over the coming years.

As of today, I'm not sure if I'll ever offer a lifetime sale again. This is likely a one-time experiment for me!

I have numerous ideas for making Python Morsels even better in the coming years, and I'd love for you to be a part of Python Morsels as it grows.

If you'd like to join me in this Python skill-building journey, sign up for lifetime access.

Here's to the past six years and the countless more to come!

Python Morsels lifetime access

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