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Improve your Python code style in one hour each week

Hone your team's Python acumen week-by-week

Your team's Python skills could use some sharpening, but teaching software engineers isn't your full-time job. Python Morsels is here to help.

Python Morsels is not an introduction to Python, but a habit-based skill-building system for professional Python programmers. This system is based around writing Python code and reflecting on the code you've written.

Each week your team will solve one interesting Python problem and then we'll walk through notable solutions, with a focus on what makes one solution better than another. After that, you'll reflect on your learning by considering what import ideas you'd like to remember. It's sort like a reverse code review.

This is not a Python course

A tennis class can help you get into tennis, but experience comes from habitual practice. Python Morsels is less like a tennis class and more like weekly tennis practice.

A long-time user Python Morsels user described it as like Hannon's finger exercises for piano, but for Python. Whether your skill is tennis, piano, or Python, the best practitioners use practice to stay sharp.

Exercise submission page showing base problem and 1/3 bonuses solved with 11 points rewarded and a button to see Trey's solutions

Your time is precious and should not be wasted

YouTube has tons of Python videos and websites like Exercism and Hacker Rank have lots of free Python exercises. So why pay for Python Morsels? There's really one reason: you're trading money to save learning time.

Python Morsels has:

  • No ads: you're not the product, the screencasts are
  • No filler content: no ad revenue means no need for long videos
  • My own expertise: I'll teach you what I know (but not what I don't)

All Access

$200 / user / yr

  • Level-based recommendations
  • Time-effective weekly practice
  • Helpfully bite-sized hints
  • Progress through reflection
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A learning habit for experienced Python practitioners

As part of Python Morsels, your team will get:

  • Weekly exercise recommendation emails customizable by your skill level and interest
  • Access to over 150 multi-part exercises, including over 400 bonuses
  • Access to over 100 micro-tutorials (about 3 minutes each)
  • Gentle nudges to keep you moving forward on a regular basis

The exercises currently include practice with:

  • Text processing
  • Generator functions
  • Decorators
  • File manipulation
  • First-class functions
  • Command-line interfaces
  • Context managers
  • Immutability
  • Comprehensions
  • Creating custom collections and data structures
  • Object-oriented Python
  • Descriptors
  • Binary files and streams
  • Recursive functions and data structures
  • Time complexity optimizations
  • Metaclasses

... and lots of discussions about code-style best practices along the way!

Eric Joanis

I just did my semi-annual review with my supervisor, and realized that in the six months or so I've been doing Morsels, my Python skill levels have significantly improved. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and have deep expertise in C++, Perl, and Bash, but when I signed up for Morsels, I was frustrated at the gaps in my Python knowledge, especially with all its idiosyncrasies. The weekly exercise model really works for me, and now I'm confident handling all the Python problems work throws at me, and feel confident calling myself an intermediate to advanced Python programmer.

What can you expect from this?

We don't learn by putting information into our heads. We learn by trying to retrieve information from our heads. That's why Python Morsels is based around writing Python code, with a focus on specific skills that are often overlooked when writing production Python code.

I seem to learn more each week for the couple of hours that I spend on these exercises than the rest of the week combined.

Learning is more effective as a team, but so is invoicing. With a Python Morsels team plan, you'll get:

  • A quote for your company's internal approval process
  • One simple invoice each billing cycle, with a purchase order of your choice
  • The ability to pay by either credit card or bank transfer (SWIFT accepted)
  • An easy dashboard showing who actively uses Python Morsels and who doesn't
Nathan Cooprider

The exercise infrastructure is great! I like the dashboard that I can show my boss and it's easy to turn Trey on during lunch and watch videos. The purchase was worth it, but I have to admit that I had my employer pay it.

I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to others. It provides a good way to level up Python skills.

I want to help your team feel proud of their Python skills

Trey Hunner smiling in a t-shirt against a yellow wall

My name is Trey Hunner I hold remote and on-site Python training sessions for teams.

I love the hands-on learning that comes from in-person training, but I also know that a little bit of learning each week is often more effective than a lot of learning all at once. I created Python Morsels to help Python developers level-up their skills effectively.

I'm looking forward to working with you and your team!

Bartosz Chojnacki

During my study of Python, I used various programming challenge sites. I came across Python Morsels via the Python package on the Humble Bundle. I can say for sure that this is the best challenge site I have ever come across, not only in terms of the challenges but also in the form of additional material support on your blog. There are many websites with similar programming challenges nowadays, but yours is certainly distinguished by the fact that the tasks are really thought out, created by a person with a passion for what he does. You are great at what you do.

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