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Let me help you work smarter

Learning efficiently requires planning a path that repeatedly answers the question what skill should I learn next and how best can I learn it? Instead of wading through blog posts and YouTube videos in search of the next thing to learn, I can guide you.

My name is Trey Hunner and I created Python Morsels to give life-long learners a low-stress way to improve their Python skills.

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Eric Joanis

I just did my semi-annual review with my supervisor, and realized that in the six months or so I've been doing Morsels, my Python skill levels have significantly improved. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and have deep expertise in C++, Perl, and Bash, but when I signed up for Morsels, I was frustrated at the gaps in my Python knowledge, especially with all its idiosyncrasies. The weekly exercise model really works for me, and now I'm confident handling all the Python problems work throws at me, and feel confident calling myself an intermediate to advanced Python programmer.

Screencasts for people who don't like screencasts

Python Morsels will help you maintain a Python learning habit. With weekly mini screencasts you'll re-discover Python topics you thought you already knew.

Each screencast also includes a short article explaining the same material through text, so you can switch between reading articles and watching videos as you see fit.

Two screencast preview cards: change is ambiguous (3 mins) and variables are pointers (2 mins)
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Nacho Núñez

It is baffling how you manage to embed in my brain in just a few minutes the understanding of the why and how of iterators, iterables and so on. I have learned in a quarter of an hour something that I could not manage to fully grasp during months of self-learning.

I've also learned more about the inner workings of Python after following your videos on classes and properties than in all the time I've been studying and practicing Python on my own. And I am completely serious about that. With you I'm not learning how to program in Python. I am understanding Python. I have not seen better practical explanations of how Python actually works, instead of just showing how to do something in Python.

The exercises are wonderful, but your explanations are also pure gold: tremendously effective. The cost/benefit ratio of watching/reading them tends to zero.

Thank you.

Wait... don't we learn by doing?

We don't learn by putting information into our heads. We learn by trying to retrieve information from our heads.

Python Morsels includes hands-on Python exercises that tell you what to do, but not how to do it. It'll be your job to figure out which tool to reach for as well as how to use it. At the end of each exercise, I'll share my perspective on which tools are best-suited for the task at hand.

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Kimberly (Software Engineer)

I love Python Morsels. The platform provides such a great learning experience. As the word morsel suggests, it's one focused chunk of teaching at a time, just enough to truly take it in, learn it, and make it part of one's understanding of Python. PLUS the platform teaches the ways of Python, which is very useful whether one is brand new to programming or has used a variety of programming languages and styles. I've successfully used what I have learned in my work project and my project is so much better for it! 😁

I really like the weekly assignment. The assignment consists of a problem statement, some optional bonus challenges, a downloadable test script, and hints. I can solve the problem any way I see fit. When I'm done, I can lock in my answers and then see how Trey solves it, including the thought process of doing it one way, but then doing it in a more Pythonic way. It's really very good. Plus I can choose to solve it again in a couple of months and reflect on what I learned.

I also really like the screencasts and accompanying transcript. The screencasts demonstrate one concept very clearly, which stretches my thinking about each topic and helps make my code better. The transcript is great for reviewing the concept and letting me try out the code in my own virtual environment.

I recommend Python Morsels as a great platform to learn how to write Python code the best way possible. I started out writing Python about a year ago. Before Python my coding background included C, C++, Perl, Go, and Bash. Sometimes I still think in those other languages, but the best practices in those programming languages don't always apply to Python. Python Morsels is helping me to think in Python which helps me write Python code that is effective, efficient, smart, and reusable.

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All Python Morsels users get access to over a dozen free Python screencasts and 3 free Python exercises.

If you choose to sign up for a paid subscription, you'll get access to all premium screencasts and you'll receive reminders to keep up your learning habit each week.

Python Morsels includes a habit-focused point system and exercises organized by skill level, ranging from novice to advanced.

Exercise submission page showing base problem and 1/3 bonuses solved with 11 points rewarded and a button to see Trey's solutions

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Can't I just watch YouTube and solve Hacker Rank exercises?

Why pay for this when there's a lot of great free Python videos on YouTube? There's really one reason: you're trading money for time.

I guarantee Python Morsels will include:

  • No ads: you're not the product, the screencasts are
  • No filler content: no ad revenue means no need for long videos
  • My own expertise: I'll teach you what I know (but not what I don't)
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Assaad Mrad, Ph.D. (ML Engineer)

Python Morsels has been was well worth it for me. Since I've joined my company, I've convinced my company to pay for one of my co-worker's yearly Python Morsels membership. That's how much Python Morsels rocks.

My approach toward the exercises is not to spend too much time solving an exercise but doing what I can, being mindful of what I learned or forgot, and then solving it better next time.

I especially like the thorough solutions and the ability to reflect on the exercise. I also appreciate that there are exercises for all difficulty levels.

Keep up the good work. I love it so much.

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