Python Morsels Workshops

I hold live trainings for teams, but I also occasionally hold live trainings for individuals. Below are a few of my more popular training topics.

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Using Iterators and Generators
3 Hour Live Training

When processing large amounts of data in Python, we often reach for lists. Unfortunately, creating large lists can be memory inefficient and slow. We can solve this problem with lazy iterables in Python.

In this training we'll learn a number of lazy-looping techniques which will help you write better, more efficient Python code.

Love the Code You Write
3 Hour Live Training

What makes code Pythonic? Which "best practices" are universal and which are unique to Python?

In this training we'll refactor code as a group. Together, we'll practice embracing the full power of Python by identifying Python features that can help us improve our code readability and clarity.

Intro to Object-Oriented Python
4 Hour Live Training

Classes are not essential to Python, but they are a very useful language feature. Python's classes work differently than many other programming languages.

In this training we'll see how classes work in Python, and learn when, where, and how to use them. Along the way, we'll also learn when not to use classes.

Using & Making Decorators
3 Hour Live Training

Ever seen a line like @something before a function or class definition in Python? That @ syntax uses a decorator to augment the behavior of the function or class that you’re defining. Decorators are a strange but powerful Python feature.

In this training we’ll learn how decorators work, when and how to use decorators, and how to make our own decorators.

Web Development with Django
16 Hour Live Training

This training involves creating a Django web application as a group.

During this training, build a web application with dynamic content, user authentication, and a powerful admin interface. We'll also write automated tests for our to make refactoring our Django app easier.

Python Metaprogramming
4 Hour Live Training

This training focuses on 3 powerful metaprogramming features: decorators, descriptors, and metaclasses. These power many of Python's interesting internals and enable the creation magical-seeming frameworks like Django.

This training is intended for those creating a Python framework or trying to deeply understand how many frameworks work.

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