Python Morsels

Coworkers finding your Python code hard to read?

You may know how to write code and you know Python syntax well, but knowing Python syntax is different from writing idiomatic Python code. When writing Python code, it's important to embrace the language constructs given to you: you want to solve problems like a Python programmer, not like a C++, Java, or JavaScript programmer.

Python courses usually focus much more on syntax than programming style. You don't need to learn more about Python's syntax and you don't need to learn about programming in general. To improve your Python programming abilities, you need regular practice embracing a Python-like style of programming.

Imagine if your code felt natural and Pythonic

Imagine if you wrote code like an experienced Python programmer. Imagine if other Python programmers looked at your code and thought "wow that's a very Pythonic solution".

If your Python habits improved, you'd feel much more comfortable calling yourself an "experienced Python developer".

Get hands-on experience with idiomatic Python

Often the most important challenge to writing Pythonic code is deliberate practice. Stop reading about Python code style and start pushing yourself to write Pythonic code.

Sign up for Python Morsels and I'll send you 1 short Python exercise every week. After you attempt to work through the exercise, I'll send you a number of solutions to the exercise with explanations of each one. You'll study these solutions and attempt to re-solve the problem in more Pythonic ways.

Solving problems with Python-specific constructs will encourage you to think Pythonically. It's very important to get feedback on your work by comparing to and learning from more idiomatic code.

Each exercise will include automated tests and some may include bonuses for a little more of a challenge.

Ready to improve your Python skills?

Are you ready to get practice writing high quality Python code every week?

Great! The price for Python Morsels is $16 per month. That's about the price of the pots of tea you'll drink each month while you solve each exercise.

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100% money back guarantee

I'm pretty certain that if you actually work through the exercises I send you each week and reflecting upon the solutions I send you will improve your Python skills. If you feel you haven't been getting your money's worth after the first month of Python Morsels, just let me know and I'll refund your first month's payment in full.

Don't take my word for it

Rosie Highsmith

Python Morsels has given me a clear understanding of how to approach core concepts of programming in Python. It's the perfect mix of familiarity and new ideas as Trey's explanations are both methodical and engaging.

Julian Sequeira

For the first exercise, the instructions were clear and succinct. The solution email was like a blog post in itself. I was wowed by the solution detail and effort.

Melanie Crutchfield

Trey will make you struggle, he may get you a teeny bit frustrated, and that’ll be the reason you become a better programmer.

Derrick Kearney

Trey Hunner is very knowledgeable, solid communication skills, with a great teaching style of breaking down the complex with practical examples and clear explanations.

Carol Willing

Trey is a natural, gentle, and encouraging teacher and a thoughtful person.

Have questions?

» What kind of time commitment does this require?

I expect you to schedule 30 minutes in your calendar every week to solve the exercises and 30 minutes to review my solutions to the exercises. You're welcome to spend more time on the bonuses I send, but I don't want you to go overboard. Small regular time blocks are much more effective for learning than large rare time blocks.

» How are these exercises any more valuable than exercises on websites like Hacker Rank and Project Euler?

My exercises encourage learning specific Python skills much more so than the exercises on Hacker Rank, Project Euler, and Code Wars. Most exercise websites don't focus on specific language features so much as general problem solving skills, while my exercises are specifically meant to help you improve your understanding of Python's many features (things like multiple assignment, comprehensions, and generators). I also provide a detailed walk-through of many different solutions for each exercise I send, which is something you won't find on any of the popular exercise sites.

» Do I really need to be well versed in advanced Python features to solve these exercises?

You definitely don't need to know advanced python features. Knowing the basics should actually be good enough. If you're already familiar with many of Python's more unique features (like zip, comprehensions, or generators) you'll get some great practice applying them and learning even more of them!

» Should I sign up if I don't know how to code yet?

No you probably should not sign up if you don't know how to code yet. I suggest signing up for a programming course before you start practicing these exercises every week.

» What version of Python does this require?

The tests I provide should run against Python 3.4+ but I'll be using the latest version of Python in my exercise answers. You can use whatever version of Python you'd like, but your solutions may look quite different from mine if you're on a considerably older version.

» What happens after I subscribe?

Right after you sign up, you'll get an email instructing you to reserve time in your calendar. Next Monday you'll get your first exercise including automated tests to use when you solve it. Two days later you'll get a number of solutions to the exercise with explanations of each solution and a discussion of which solution is the most Pythonic.

» I still have questions!

No problem. Shoot me an email.

Exercises curated by a professional Python trainer

My name is Trey Hunner. I am a professional Python trainer specializing in on-site training for Python & Django teams.

My training sessions are very hands-on. I spend quite a bit of time creating short, testable, realistic exercises for my courses and workshops. I've created this Python Morsels subscription service to share my favorite exercises with you.

Commit to practicing Python every week

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If you don't devote time to improving your Python skills regularly, you might stay a beginner forever. Start your journey of writing beautiful well-structured Python code today.

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