How it Works

Curious what Python Morsels is actually like, but not ready to try it out quite yet? Read on to hear an explanation of how Python Morsels works and how to get the most out of it.

What do the exercises look like?

The exercises include a short problem statement broken into small pieces. There's the base problem first, followed by one or more bonuses (usually 2 or 3). Examples of how your code should work are shown as Python REPL output or command-line output from a system terminal.

The problem statement is followed by a number of hint links. You can see a mini hint by hovering over each link. For a full hint, click the link to go to a StackOverflow link, documentation link, tweet, video, or blog post covering a topic that's particularly relevant to the exercise you're solving.

After the hints there's the automated tests link. You can download the test file for each exercise if you'd like to verify whether your code functions on your own machine. These tests are also executed on the website in order to track your progress.

Do you grade me?

Yes and no. I don't personally grade you, but the Python Morsels app includes an exercise submission feature for confirming how many of the bonuses you solved for each exercise. Even if you solve all the exercises locally, I recommend submitting your solutions to track your progress.

What if I fall behind?

Python Morsels includes a catch-up mode feature that you can enable to start receiving reminder emails for older exercises you haven't yet submitted solutions for. Enabling catch-up mode temporarily puts your new assignment emails on hold, but you can always see your new assignments by visiting the website.

How difficult are the exercises?

It depends. I originally developed Python Morsels with the goal of making exercises that are achievable and interesting for everyone who has previous Python experience. I do this by making the base problem for each exercise do-able by most Python programmers while also adding bonuses that added layers of complexity for more experienced Pythonistas.

About a year into making Python Morsels, I decided further customize the experience of Python Morsels by splitting the exercise tracks into 3 different skill levels.

When you sign up, you'll have the option of choosing the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or the default Mixed skill level. I usually recommend Novice or Intermediate, depending on your level of experience with Python.

The Novice skill level is currently targeted at semi-experienced programmers. If you are very new to Python or if you are a fairly new programmer, Python Morsels may become difficult for your quite quickly, even in the Novice skill level.

How many exercises are there?

There are currently over 100 Python Morsels exercises in total, but which exercises you receive depend on your skill level. Each skill level includes over a year's worth of exercises.

Skill Level Exercises
Novice 178
Mixed 214
Intermediate 159
Advanced 113

How can I get the most out of Python Morsels?

After you sign up for Python Morsels I'll send you an exercise at 7am Pacific Time each Monday and I'll send you various solutions for that exercise at the same time on Wednesday. I recommend scheduling time in your calendar to work solve the exercise (or attempt to) each week and as well as time to reflect on the solutions each week.

Maintaining a sustainable weekly rhythm is more important than completing everything. I recommend time-boxing your attempts to solve the exercise each week (to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or any other regular interval of time).

I also recommend that you re-solve the exercise one day (or more) after reflecting on the solution email. You don't learn by putting information into your head but by trying to retrieve information from your head. Re-solving an exercise after seeing other ways to solve it will help you learn from the solutions you've read.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about Python Morsels, take a look at the Frequestly Asked Questions page in the knowledge center. Also feel free to email me any questions you have.

Keep in mind that you can get your first 3 Python Morsels exercises for free. If you'd like to try out Python Morsels, click the sign up button below.

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