Skill Levels

Python Morsels includes different skill levels. The default skill level is mixed, but you can also choose from novice, intermediate, or advanced.

Below are descriptions of what each level includes and who I'd recommend each level to.


These skill levels have overlap in which exercises I send out for each because each exercise can be ramped up/down in difficulty based on its bonuses. Some exercises have a variant that's specific to their level, but most exercises eventually show up in all of the levels.

For example, if you sign up for the intermediate level, you will eventually receive all of the initial exercises in the advanced level as well.

Remember that these levels are all aimed at somewhat experienced programmers. Python Morsels doesn't (yet) have a difficulty level that's aimed at brand new programmers. I may add such something for brand new programmers one day, but I don't have anything suitable yet.


If you're fairly new to Python and possibly to programming in general, I'd recommend the novice level. This level will encourage you to embrace Python-specific idioms and it'll introduce you to some of Python's more advanced features without overwhelming you.

The first 6 months of the novice level includes:


If you're somewhat experienced at Python, but you don't have a lot of experience with some of the more advanced Python features, I'd recommend the mixed level. This level will introduce you to Python-specific idioms at a faster pace way than the novice level.

The first 6 months of the mixed level includes:


If you're very experienced at Python and you believe you're already writing fairly Pythonic code, you might want to try the intermediate level. This level will still introduce Python idioms that are new to you, but we'll skip quite a few that I'll assume you're already familiar with.

The first 6 months of the intermediate level includes:


If you're frequently authoring frameworks written in Python for other Python developers in your organization to use and you need to practice deep and dark Python features, this is the level for you. I don't usually recommend this level (the intermediate level is usually plenty challenging), but if it's suitable for you, feel free to pick it.

The first 6 months of the advanced level includes:

More info

For more information on skill levels, see the help page on skill levels.