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Mike Danello

I'm just writing to say thank you - I signed up for Python Morsels in December as part of my job search prep. I just wrapped up my search and Python Morsels was the highest ROI tool that I used. I found it a really useful complement to the other prep I was doing - perfect for bite sized topics or doing a deeper dive on fundamentals.

I found it really helpful to alternate Python Morsels with other types of prep - I was having to prep for some data structures/algorithms questions alongside some codebase extension questions. I would work on these, and then switch to a couple of Python Morsel exercises.

Pretty soon I found myself incorporating what I learned in Python Morsels in those questions and writing much more elegant solutions (at least at a grammatical level). I think this actually earned me a lot of points during interviews - when I was able to pull out a decorator or use a class property appropriately it was a nice signal to the interviewer. And, once I had enough practice with Python Morsels, the implementation part for my interview questions became more automatic, and I was able to shift to higher level thinking.

Eric Joanis

I just did my semi-annual review with my supervisor, and realized that in the six months or so I've been doing Morsels, my Python skill levels have significantly improved. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and have deep expertise in C++, Perl, and Bash, but when I signed up for Morsels, I was frustrated at the gaps in my Python knowledge, especially with all its idiosyncrasies. The weekly exercise model really works for me, and now I'm confident handling all the Python problems work throws at me, and feel confident calling myself an intermediate to advanced Python programmer.

Kimberly (Software Engineer)

I love Python Morsels. The platform provides such a great learning experience. As the word morsel suggests, it's one focused chunk of teaching at a time, just enough to truly take it in, learn it, and make it part of one's understanding of Python. PLUS the platform teaches the ways of Python, which is very useful whether one is brand new to programming or has used a variety of programming languages and styles. I've successfully used what I have learned in my work project and my project is so much better for it! 😁

I really like the weekly assignment. The assignment consists of a problem statement, some optional bonus challenges, a downloadable test script, and hints. I can solve the problem any way I see fit. When I'm done, I can lock in my answers and then see how Trey solves it, including the thought process of doing it one way, but then doing it in a more Pythonic way. It's really very good. Plus I can choose to solve it again in a couple of months and reflect on what I learned.

I also really like the screencasts and accompanying transcript. The screencasts demonstrate one concept very clearly, which stretches my thinking about each topic and helps make my code better. The transcript is great for reviewing the concept and letting me try out the code in my own virtual environment.

I recommend Python Morsels as a great platform to learn how to write Python code the best way possible. I started out writing Python about a year ago. Before Python my coding background included C, C++, Perl, Go, and Bash. Sometimes I still think in those other languages, but the best practices in those programming languages don't always apply to Python. Python Morsels is helping me to think in Python which helps me write Python code that is effective, efficient, smart, and reusable.

Volker Englisch

Overall I have to admit that I'm blown away by the usefulness of your weekly exercises. There is nothing academic about them and they seem to be applicable to many situations. In addition, the exercises are simple enough to follow the basic concepts while the bonus sections provide depth to keep me busy for the week. Thanks again for your great training!

Bartosz Chojnacki

During my study of Python, I used various programming challenge sites. I came across Python Morsels via the Python package on the Humble Bundle. I can say for sure that this is the best challenge site I have ever come across, not only in terms of the challenges but also in the form of additional material support on your blog. There are many websites with similar programming challenges nowadays, but yours is certainly distinguished by the fact that the tasks are really thought out, created by a person with a passion for what he does. You are great at what you do.

Ray Johns

I'm always hesitant to sign up for a paid platform to learn Python, simply because so many different services of variable quality exist in this educational niche. I especially dislike platforms like HackerRank and LeetCode because of their relatively poorly written exercises and "leaderboards" -- the competition and showing off seem to be the point more than learning to write good code. I often feel unwelcome, condescended to, and frustrated with that kind of service, which tanks my confidence and puts me in a bad mindset.

As a result of bad experiences with other paid Python learning platforms, I am apprehensive about signing up for such services in general. So I appreciated that Python Morsels lets you try out the platform by giving you three free exercises and dozens of webcasts so I could tell what I was getting into before committing funds.

Python Morsels is well worth the subscription price! This is the only learning platform I have encountered that approaches Python problem solving with both evidence-backed teaching methods and compassion. Unlike sites like LeetCode or HackerRank, Python Morsels exercises always have clear problem statements and acceptance criteria. If you are confused, you can check the test suite tab, or even choose to download and run the tests locally.

Perhaps most importantly, the materials never condescend to the learner, no matter how "easy" or "simple" the concept at hand. Whether the webcast is about an advanced topic or a basic feature of the language, Trey treats the audience with respect. The exercises are cleverly structured to be accessible to as many different skill levels as possible. They put the most foundational concepts in the base problem, and factor out the more complex language features and patterns into bonus problems, whose default visibility can be toggled in your settings. It's a great way to allow learners to build their confidence and skill without becoming overwhelmed by everything all at once.

My favorite feature of the site is the learning reflection at the end of every exercise. Being prompted to list what I remembered, what I learned, and what I would do differently next time does a great job of solidifying what I've learned. I like that I can schedule a time to retry the exercise and leave hints for my future self about what to try differently next time. I find that I often have to solve similar-but-different problems as a developer, so having that mechanic built into the platform is a super cool and smart way to reinforce learning in a job-applicable way.

The hints for each exercise are thoughtful and provide an appropriate level of help without giving away too much. I never get so stuck that I can't continue on with a problem, but I also never feel like using a hint was "cheating". It feels a lot like writing code on the job; as a working software developer, I regularly consult the kinds of sources linked in the hints as part of my work. Python Morsels gives you an accurate idea of what it's like to do this kind of problem solving in real settings.

The learning paths are fantastic. I love that they integrate videos and problems and revolve around clear and cohesive themes. It's not always effective to learn a concept in isolation; it's much more likely to stick if you learn it as part of a web of related concepts that work together, which is how the learning paths work.

Any one of the above features would make the price of access worthwhile; to get all of them for a reasonable price feels like I'm doing some kind of piracy. (For reference, the most expensive Python Morsels annual membership comes out to $20 a month; LeetCode premium costs $35 per month.) A lot of other online courses and certificates have a pretty dubious return on investment, but in just over a month Python Morsels already has made me a more thoughtful and effective software engineer.

I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to others! My only complaint is that I am jealous I did not create it. It's like you reached into my brain and found the wish list of features I want in a learning tool and tailor made me a platform!

Nathan Cooprider

The exercise infrastructure is great! I like the dashboard that I can show my boss and it's easy to turn Trey on during lunch and watch videos. The purchase was worth it, but I have to admit that I had my employer pay it.

I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to others. It provides a good way to level up Python skills.


I spent a few wasted years trying to learn Python before finding this, and I really wish I'd known about you earlier.

It has been really helpful to focus only on learning using Python Morsels. Before my learning was fragmented: lots of reading, lots of confusion, and not enough practice.

With Python Morsels I've made consistent progress, the time I spend learning results in marked improvements. Regular practice is what improves you, I didn't realise how much that applied to programming as well, but also you need to be practicing correctly.

The exercises are challenging, especially when trying to do the bonuses. I really appreciate the multiple ways provided to solve each exercise, and your views on which solution you'd prefer & why. Learning about the Python standard library in particular has been invaluable. The exercises are my favorite part, but the screencasts are great too: small, bite size learning, can just watch and then think about it for a while.

I keep recommending Python Morsels to everyone! 😁

Chris May

I frequently recommend Python Morsels to folks wanting to improve their Python skills.

Over the course of a few short months, Python Morsels gave me a huge boost in confidence and greatly elevated my programming and coaching skills at a time I needed to step into a leadership role.

This isn't just for advanced intermediates though. Trey has morsels for many skill levels. Thanks for your hard work, Trey!

Jason Braganza

What I love about Python Morsels is the way you've pedagogically structured the site and the exercises. It's always a gentle stretch. The suggestions for what a novice should (or shouldn't) attempt are lovely. And the hints are great. This, without doubt, is the best learning platform I've used.

Nacho Núñez

It is baffling how you manage to embed in my brain in just a few minutes the understanding of the why and how of iterators, iterables and so on. I have learned in a quarter of an hour something that I could not manage to fully grasp during months of self-learning.

I've also learned more about the inner workings of Python after following your videos on classes and properties than in all the time I've been studying and practicing Python on my own. And I am completely serious about that. With you I'm not learning how to program in Python. I am understanding Python. I have not seen better practical explanations of how Python actually works, instead of just showing how to do something in Python.

The exercises are wonderful, but your explanations are also pure gold: tremendously effective. The cost/benefit ratio of watching/reading them tends to zero.

Thank you.

Moshe Sambol

I got this week's exercise and completed the code quickly. It worked, passed all the tests. Seemed too trivial. I knew there had to be a python angle... but what? I tried to do it cleanly, using slicing and splitting and string formatting... but refactoring to achieve sum of comprehension never occurred to me. Your write-up always turns on new light bulbs and makes me smile. Thank you!

Adam Simmons

When signing up, I feared I might not spend enough time to get the best value out of Python Morsels. As I feared, I don't spend as much time as I'd like, but being a subscriber means that when I do have the time, I can dive in properly - and easily get absorbed by it! While I don't use Python Morsels as much as I would like, I am a satisfied subscriber as I now get to delve in when and as I like.

I like that Python Morsels focuses on fundamental aspects and principles. I feel that as I come to understand the principles it's making it easier to spot how they pop up in different places and it's helping me to think of how and where I might apply them in my projects.

I also appreciate the delivery style of Python Morsels. It's all articulated with clear, plain language and easy to follow examples. The manner of presentation is friendly and gentle, imbued with a lovely sense of wishing to share a discovery.

The exercises help develop problem-solving skills in Python. The bonus levels for the exercises are valuable for exploring what's possible in Python and they're a great way to be "looking forward" even when I haven't quite reached that level yet.

I like the mix of practical exercises to delve into and the suggested solutions that encourage understanding. The articles are a great reference for specific topics too and the regular tips via email are always insightful and great for a quick Python fix.

I would recommend Python Morsels for the depth of information and generosity of spirit through both the offerings for members and for the larger Python community in general.

Tim Schilling (@CodenameTim)

I signed up for a Python Morsels subscription for my small team. The team subscription in particular is nice as it provides insight into what people are learning.

Python Morsels is nice on its own, but it's a bit difficult to link all the information altogether. If a person uses Python Morsels as a single use repository of information, they won't getting as much out of it as they could.

Once we started a weekly "learning meeting" combined with a team subscription to Python Morsels, the benefit significantly increased. Those discussions help solidify what we've learned and lead to other discussions within our team. These are valuable discussions that perhaps wouldn't have happened otherwise.

The exercises are definitely my favorite part of Python Morsels. They are challenging and varied while focusing entirely on standard library features.

The screencasts are excellent too. Python Morsels provides the same information in multiple mediums, allowing a person to learn how they learn best. There's a clear effort to make the subject matter concise and informative.

I would recommend Python Morsels to other remote teams that are looking for a way to improve team communication and chemistry. It provides the perfect subject matter to start an objective technical discussion with low stakes. This can help people be more vulnerable with their opinions and experiences which makes for great discussions.

Using Python Morsels as a discussion starter is especially beneficial when two people disagree. The disagreement will end at the conclusion of the meeting, but you're still getting practice at having a productive technical disagreement. Each party learns to see the other side and how to argue effectively for their own. Often, each party also ends up teaching the other something new, that hasn't come up yet in their day-to-day jobs.


Python Morsels has been an incredibly enriching learning experience for me. The engaging exercises have boosted my Python coding skills significantly, offering the perfect balance of challenge and guidance. Trey is an articulate and passionate teacher.

The content in Python Morsels is well-structured, the explanations are clear, and the feedback is invaluable. I also love the conciseness of the screencasts.

I have already recommended Python Morsels to my developer/techie friends.

Chris Soujon

The tips are always so great, they are like that perfect mentor that just gives you these subtle hints on what parts you probably want to refactor.

Assaad Mrad, Ph.D. (ML Engineer)

Python Morsels has been was well worth it for me. Since I've joined my company, I've convinced my company to pay for one of my co-worker's yearly Python Morsels membership. That's how much Python Morsels rocks.

My approach toward the exercises is not to spend too much time solving an exercise but doing what I can, being mindful of what I learned or forgot, and then solving it better next time.

I especially like the thorough solutions and the ability to reflect on the exercise. I also appreciate that there are exercises for all difficulty levels.

Keep up the good work. I love it so much.

Martin R

Before signing up, paying for code challenges seemed excessive when there are so many free code challenge resources available.

Python Morsels challenges are well thought-out, well tested/verified, and the solutions are well explained. Plus, the problems are specific to Python, which makes it far more effective than generic, free challenges.

I like that many challenges are small, self-contained problems that show me how to use parts of the Python language or standard library that I wouldn't otherwise have known about. These aren't just contrived challenges, either; I've been able to solve my own problems much easier because I've had the knowledge and confidence to use parts of the language that I learnt about through Python Morsels.

As a self-taught programmer, Python Morsels was fantastic at keeping my Python skills sharp when I was learning and between projects. Now that I'm in a job that regularly uses Python, I still like Morsels because reading Trey's solutions is a lot like getting a code review from a Python expert.

Python Morsels helped give me the courage and confidence to go from self-taught Python programmer to being able to claim expertise with Python when applying for a job. I've even referred many of the people I now work with to Python Morsels when they've asked how I got so good at Python.

Eric Pederson

When signing up my biggest concern was time - time is always the most precious commodity.

The purchase was well worth it. The time I spent working on Python Morsels problems translated into saved time programming for work. And it's not a grind - it's actually fun.

I've learned advanced Python concepts that I would have never had the opportunity to use in my day to day work, like creating decorators, descriptors and metaclasses. Over multiple problems you begin to gain fluency with a wide range of techniques.

Besides becoming fluent in advanced Python language concepts, one of the things I enjoy is reading Trey's solutions. They are exceptionally well written idiomatic Python. In addition, the problem examples and the automated tests are very helpful in guiding you iteratively towards a solution.

I hope the next frontier for Python Morsels will be asyncio (which will be tricky to test but I believe Trey can do it).

I recommend Python Morsels to my co-workers and anyone else who will listen. I think it's the best resource for an experienced developer who wants to up their Python game.

Jeannie Friedel

I love these exercises. They are short and simple enough that I can do them in between putting my daughters to bed but challenging enough that I learn something new almost every time. Of course there is always a long - probably unpythonic - way to solve most problems, but I push myself, not to make it short, but to make it readable, clear, and pythonic. It's great to be able to try different stuff out that I may not use every day because I'm just not comfortable with it. I usually get more out of the bonuses than the main exercise, but I absolutely LOVE having the automated tests.

Abdullah A (Team Lead)

My biggest hesitation was not knowing if it would be worth the money before signing up. It most definitely IS worth it! Deliberate practice coupled with the clear and concise explanations make it the best way to improve my Python skills.

The insightful answers Trey provides at the end, followed up with plentiful hints and links to external resources are my favourite thing about Python Morsels. Also the fact that each exercise takes no more than roughly 30 mins means that there's little excuse to procrastinate. That, coupled with the regular emails to my inbox, make for a highly effective habit for me and my team.

I recommend Python Morsels to every person I know who is either interested in learning Python, starting out in Python, or an expert at Python. No matter the level, I think everyone has something to gain from a subscription!

Kevin Markham

The screencasts alone are worth the price of a Python Morsels subscription. They are an excellent way to get clear, concise, and accurate information about specific Python topics.

Matt Lakin

I'm 17 exercises in, and I am still absolutely loving Python Morsels. The way it's structured with the base problems, bonus problems, the links to forum posts as hints, and the way the Wednesday solution walks you through the thought process and iterates over different solutions is just perfect. The difficulty level so far has been hitting a nice sweet spot, where I've been able to solve the base and sometimes a few bonus steps on my own, and the rest with your hint links, and then finally when I get the solution it validates some of my choices and thought process, and teaches me some different and usually more elegant or clever ways to approach the problems.

Reks Mouk

Python Morsel might be single-handedly the best learning option for Python regardless of level. Trey Hunner explains everything eloquently and does so in a great order of when and what to learn. Trey is also really responsive to his students, which I love.

I love the fact that you have video and written content to explain concepts. It's super easy to follow along and the screencasts are great. I need to be more disciplined about doing the weekly exercises but those are good options as well.

I would highly recommend Python Morsels to anyone who wants to learn Python or anyone who wants to refresh their skills as a developer.

Dr. Thomas Jacobi

The bonus parts are my favorite. They often involve a twist that requires a complete rethinking of the (mostly easy) solution of the base part.

Some other aspects I particularly enjoy:

  1. Steady practice of a wide range of Python features
  2. Solutions come with great explanations
  3. Hints (which I mostly read after providing a solution) point to great resources
  4. Excellent tests, which provide also material that can be used to deepening Python skills (at least for me)

Python Morsels is an excellent learning/practice opportunity that's steady, interesting, comprehensive and challenging.

Sjoerd Job Postmus (Lead Software Engineer)

Three of our developers are doing Python Morsels. My biggest concern when signing up for Morsels was the time-involvement. Would it not cost too much time from my development team? The purchase was definitely worth it.

The challenges provided by Python Morsels are practical and relevant for the working software developer. The automated tests assure you're not only solving a problem, but know that it works. The solution e-mail provides a very thorough reasoning behind the chosen implementations. Also the weekly challenges are fun!

I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to others. It's a lot of fun, and includes very practical information. Thank you for providing us with the weekly Morsels, Trey. They're well worth it.


I've finally got a job!

I just wanted to thank you one more time for Python Morsels! It gave me that fluency I really searched for and turned my thinking process into what I can only call a truly pythonic style, and after I went through tens of coding interviews over the last two months I can clearly state it was possible because of Python Morsels.

Gordon S.

The instant I signed up for Python Morsels the road to success and mastery became clear. Specifically mastery of language concepts, filling in all of my many blank spots started occurring immediately.

The single best element of Python Morsels is the review and improvement after a problem has been solved. Seeing how a professional solves these problems, and how much better your own code could be is like having a personal coach guiding you to mastery. The test cases provide you confidence that your code is at least minimally correct (if not the most efficient). The ability to return and re-solve problems lets you really drill mastery into your "finger DNA" - so the next time you see problems of this kind, they come flowing out.

Python Morsels is absolutely and utterly the first place to go to for anyone wishing to master Python -aimed at all levels, from beginner to intermediate, to expert.

Python Morsels may single handedly be responsible for me being able to competently respond during coding interviews in my fairly high level Silicon Valley role. While the problem set that was presented during the interviews didn't replicate exactly anything on Python Morsels, the general concepts were by then, very well understood and I could quickly drill out code (on a timed, observed basis). For example I was the only candidate who thought to use Python's csv.DictReader class during an interview, which saved a ton of coding time.

I can genuinely say that Python Morsels changed my life. It's amazing how simple things can make such a difference. Prior to my last job as a Data Engineer, I had spent years writing Python - and it was (A) all garbage and (B) demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge of the language. Python Morsels changed all that. Thanks again.

Curtis Mitchell

Thank you so much for creating this service. I've been a professional web developer for several years so JavaScript has been my primary language. But I decided to plunge into machine learning this year and thanks in no small part to signing up for Python Morsels last year, I felt comfortable enough with the language to apply to Springboard's ML engineering program last month and got accepted! I even did the technical admission questions in Python instead of JS!

Cosmo Grant

I was hesitant about paying for Python Morsels given how many free learning resources there are. But it was definitely worth it. I've learnt more from Python Morsels than anything else, by far.

What I appreciate most are Trey's explanations: deep enough to give real understanding, but still accessible and concise. The exercises are well-designed, the interface is nice, and Trey is trustworthy.

This is the best Python learning resource I've found.


I didn't knowing what I would receive or whether it would be worth the money before signing up. I'm glad I signed up. It's been worth every penny.

I've enjoyed the option to practice and learn from a variety of sources, the great quantity of exercises, the different levels, and the variety of explanations in each exercise. The reminders and the option to return and practice previous challenges have also been great.

Python Morsels is a great way to learn and practice Python.

Peter Tso

I used Python Morsels to understand how to use Python more accurately. It really helped me in code review; I can give good comments based on those experiences. Sometimes when I forget how to write better Python code (like more readable or clean code) I use Python Morsels to remind myself how to do it correctly.

Python Morsels also really helps with Python programming for me and my kids. I am teaching them how to write clean and readable Python code as they solve leetcode questions using Python.

Thank you for giving us the great Python material that I can use for both work and home life.

Kevin Brown

Morsels made it through the clatter of online choices for learning Python because I bought an introductory package from Humble Bundle that let me try it out for several weeks (maybe a couple of months. Hard to remember now). It was the extended trial that allowed me to "get it".

Reading the solutions is my favorite part, but I also like getting a new morsel on a schedule. And I very much like being able to turn off my subscription when life gets too busy and I have to step away. I've also realized that the Morsels provide great examples of how to write unit tests in Python.

Python Morsels has kept me engaged for two years. A single Morsel has layers of difficulty and twists that take me to unexpected corners of the Python language. I always feel like I come away with something new for my tool belt.

Maxim Ivanov (Scientific Computer Engineer)

If there was not such a great differentiation between novice, intermediate and advanced levels, I would not have signed up. There are a bunch of free resources with novice stuff out there. But only here did I find a wonderful difficulty-based grading and thorough solutions corresponding to the difficulty selected. The purchase was absolutely worth it! I've learned a lot of advanced Python stuff.

The difficulty-based grading is fantastic. It allows me to select exercises, which correspond to my knowledge level without wasting time on novice exercises, or completely getting lost in super advanced stuff. Also I appreciate that some intermediate exercises have advanced bonuses!

I like the way Python Morsels reinforce continuous learning through timely reminders and suggestions on the exercises to be solved, and through the screencasts, which seem to appear on a regular basis.

I recommend Python Morsels to every developer, who deals with Python. Any level will do: from absolute beginners to advanced hackers. In no time everybody will find that their code gradually becomes cleaner, more efficient and more Pythonic. This is a fantastic resource!

Jörg G.

Python Morsels is one of the best Python learning resources I've found. The explanations are very clear and often profound. I especially love the shortness of the learning pieces. You can learn whenever you have a little time to spend.

Brian Crant

Just wanted to send you a thank you note. I've been working with data in Python for about two years now, but not having come from a computer science or engineering background, I sorely missed out on many of the fundamentals of Python.

Having enough time under my belt to know what I don't know, it has been such a treat to be able to start filling in those gaps by working through your problems.

Your problems are perfectly worded, clearly defined, you give enough hints as to not waste time, but not so much that you give it away. They are incredible and I'm so glad that I stumbled across your site.

I've gotten all three bonuses on the last two I've submitted and am seeing/feeling lots of progress already. Just wanted to send you a thank you for what you do! It is greatly appreciated.

David (Chemist)

The biggest obstacle for me was that some of the marketing I saw felt a bit forced, almost like an infomercial/scam. I'm so glad I went through with it though. The purchase was absolutely worth it.

Prior to using Python Morsels, I felt that the code I wrote was functional, but not the best way it could be written. Looking back, a lot of it wasn't going to be maintainable in the long run. Python Morsels has helped me learn good habits that make my code easier for future me to understand quickly.

I really appreciate the thoroughness of the exercise solutions. It's great having multiple solutions to the problem, with commentary on why one answer might be "better" than another. I could find my answer amongst the solutions, and naturally learn how to improve.

I have learned a lot more of the basic tools included in the standard library and when they may be best applied. I'm less likely to spend time searching for a third party package as I feel comfortable using what's already there myself.

I would absolutely recommend Python Morsels. It's fun trying a new problem every week, always knowing that if I really get stuck I can look at the hints (or answer) to make progress.


When signing up I wondered whether the exercises would have value for my day to day job. The knowledge I gained through these exercises has been worth it. This was money well-spent.

My favorite parts are the different steps you go through in the solutions and the links which explain new concepts as needed.

Python Morsels is a good way to refresh your skills, especially when you work with Python along with other programming languages. I would definitive recommend Python Morsels but only after you've learned the basic concepts. This isn't for complete beginners.

Keep up your good work!

David Merand

The biggest barrier for me was the monthly cost in US$ given that I live in a developing country with a weak currency. It was definitely worth it as the quality of the material is much higher than similar offerings.

I love the weekly focused challenges which are concise and carefully designed with graded levels of difficulty. I also appreciate being exposed to less commonly known features of Python and discovering several ways to achieve the same result.

I would recommend Python Morsels, without hesitation, to someone who wants to continue learning Python gradually over time.

Guido Nicolás Mitolo

I've checked others python learning oriented websites and I couldn't find yet anyone better than yours. It is much easier to get involved in the process of learning through challenging exercises than reading or repeating some formulas.

Nate Thompson (Principal Cloud Architect)

Finding the time to complete training is usually my biggest hurdle, especially when spending money on something.

Python Morsels took my lack-of-time obstacle and stood it on its head. I have found Python Morsels to be perfect for fitting into a tight schedule. I didn't expect how easy it would be to sit through a few videos or read a page on a topic during a short break, but this content is very well written, concise, and easy to retain! I can take 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there and get some very informative and easy to consume Python content that is relevant to what I need right now. This is great!

I have the most fun with the suggested problems that end up in my inbox for my skill level. You can jump into the problem feet first and do your best to solve them. The unit tests are available so you don't have to guess what is being checked, and the hints are available if you get stuck. The links to the various bits of training are so fun to complete, and they do a great job of showing you multiple ways to do a thing and when NOT to do a thing (and why!). It all works together so well.

Python Morsels has both videos and corresponding blog entries for each lesson. Having both is great! I can watch the video and examples and then go back to it in blog format to reinforce the concepts. I can also read them easily whenever I have a few minutes but using sound isn't an option. The clear and concise material is excellent. It homes in on the concept and why it matters (if something is important, give it a name!), then it expands on multiple ways to do it...or NOT do it. I have been able to write cleaner, clearer code even after a single lesson!

I would recommend Python Morsels in an instant. It is the learning tool I need to fit into my hectic schedule by providing useful, clear, concise training in bite-sized, consumable chunks. It is fun and challenging, and I learn something new every time I pull up a page.

Kirill Pletnev

BY FAR the best learning materials I've ever found during my short 3 year Python experience

Keith O'Sullivan

Thanks for the great exercise this week. I really appreciate the thought that goes into defining and testing these exercises. I was happy enough when I finished the basic challenge (still trying to wrap my head around iterators). But when I pulled off both challenges and managed to edit my code down to 7 lines, I got pretty excited. I seem to learn more each week for the couple of hours that I spend on these than the rest of the week combined.

James Marshall

So far, I've been happy with the service. I like the way the whole thing works overall. Each week's base problem starts out with simpler cases, and the bonuses add some complexity. The solutions often describe multiple ways of attacking the problem, the different imported modules that could be useful, and explain why certain approaches are better than others. It's a more complete way of practicing programming since there are solutions with explanations.

I've tried a few coding practice sites and use at least one fairly regularly, but all they really offer are problems. There are sometimes discussions and comments on the problems which can provide insight or hints, but you don't get the kind of suggested solution your system provides. In at least some of these sites, I can see other people's solutions, but that leaves me to figure them out on my own. That isn't always easy to do, especially if people are code-golfing for a high place on the leader board or using something I've never seen before. I can do more problems than one a week on such sites, which can be good, but without the sort of solutions and explanations your site provides, it's harder to get as much out of them.

Also, these sites have various things I don't always like. Some require optimized solutions, to run quickly even on very large inputs; I tend to just want something that works though, and failing tests because my code takes too long always annoys me. Some have problems that seem to me to be less about programming and more about finding some kind of trick (e.g., a mathematical shortcut) for solving the problem. I don't really want to spend a lot of time just figuring out what I need to do though. I tend to prefer cases where I can basically see a solution, code it, and if it's not working (or takes too long), I can then attempt to find an alternative or optimize the code somehow. Your problems are pretty clear in what needs to be done, so I can usually start coding something fairly quickly. Sometimes bonuses require a bit of reworking, but I think that's OK, since they add complexity to the problem that wasn't there before, and you may need to do some things differently in a more complex case. (An example of these is the tendency of problems to return, say, a list in the base but an iterator in the bonuses.)

I'm not sure exactly how much I get out of the service, to be honest. The practice is always good, since it makes me write some code regularly (and I tend to do more maintenance than development at work). As with a lot of training-type things I do, I take the approach that just having exposure is useful. Unless I use something regularly after learning it, it's probably not going to stick. But maybe in the future if a related thing comes up, it will ring some bells and I'll remember where I heard or read something related before, leading me back to my notes, saved code, etc. to go find more information that I can use. I do think that I get that sort of exposure with Python Morsels, seeing modules I might not have heard of -- I've only been using Python for about 4 years now at work -- or coding approaches and reasons for them -- I'm more of a scientist/engineer who sometimes codes than a real, trained programmer -- all of which helps me learn a bit more about the language I'm using now. If I didn't think it was going to be useful in some way, I would have stopped after my 6 month Humble Bundle redemption code was up, but I kept it going because I do think it's valuable.

Footnote: this testimonial is my own opinion and does not represent my employer or their clients.

Dr. Preston Arthur Vymers

I had a few concerns when signing up. First, if the difficulty level was too low, I was not going to learn how to effectively apply my newly found Python skills. In addition, the exercise hints really provide good guidance on how to approach a specific problem although there are many other ways to solve a particular problem.

Despite my concerns, I found great satisfaction in solving a problem including the bonus ones and getting extra points. My favorite aspects of Python Morsels are the bonus exercises and the point system. The point system works really well for me. I also appreciate the possibility of suggesting exercises. A big plus is that the Python Morsels platform does not constrain one to use a particular approach in solving a given problem.

The type of exercises on this platform encourage creative thinking. For sure I would recommend this platform to others.

Geoff Riley

The well planned exercises have given me plenty of head scratching moments and I find that the bonus exercises are great for stretching me that little bit more. I enjoy learning programming languages and this system gives practical experience with sufficient repetition to keep a wide range of techniques at the fingertips!

My favorite part is the bonus exercises. I try to avoid using the hints, but it is good to have those available in the event that I get totally stumped.

The wonderful range of articles and video presentations also provide a rich foundation for all aspects of Python programming and especially when highlighting new aspects such as the new walrus assignment operator.

I have already recommended Python Morsels to a few other people. Before the pandemic I used to teach programming to young people through the workings of Code Club in schools: a number of students who really took to the Python modules would ask if there was any way to continue after leaving. I didn't hesitate in suggesting a couple of sites, including Python Morsels.

Fabien Boutantin

I discovered Python Morsels via Humble Bundle, in a Python dev pack with lots of other stuff. Money was my main difficulty when keeping my subscription. The purchase was definitively worth it though. Continued training on such exercises not only makes you train your brain, but also you learn lots about Python tricks.

The special information provided by Trey through the solutions makes us write simpler, yet smarter, code throughout a day-to-day coder's life. I've enjoyed learning well-known tricks in Python and working on Pythonic solutions, not just generic puzzles.

Python developers will gain a solid knowledge about the Python language and its specificites, and in a fun way.

Anonymous User

As of 3 weeks ago, I am working for a genetic testing company in their bioinformatics division. However, a large part of the job is software development and they exclusively use python. As part of the interview, I had to do a take home exam where I used many principles from python morsels.

I wanted to thank you for your guidance and for setting up python morsels. It has helped me land a job and as I continue to use it, I am sure it will help me keep the job! :)

Avery H

I was concerned about the price of the subscription, but I was able to get a discount by filling out the discount form. I am glad I signed up for this service despite the cost. The benefit of the subscription highly outweighs the purchase price. It is really worth it.

I greatly enjoy the way Python Morsels teaches Python. There are different learning paths, each with different exercises including solutions and accompanying explanations.

I really like the way the solutions are explained. The method for solving each problem is explained step-by-step in such a way that anyone can follow along. Also Python Morsels doesn't just offer explanations for each of the problems, it also has easy to follow tutorials and insights into other aspects of the solution. There are great explanations for each of the tools used.

I would absolutely recommend Python Morsels to anyone who wants to learn Python. There are exercises for every level of Python learner and the solution explanations are very clear to follow.

Daniel Tan

Regularly solving Python Morsels exercises will surely level up your Python skills. Very soon after starting Python Morsels, I was able to notice code smells more readily due to regular exposure to Trey's model solutions and explanations.

The solutions in Python Morsels are very well-documented. I love the detailed explanations that accompany each one. The exercise paths have also helped me practice specific Python domains (object-oriented programming, context managers, etc).

In Python Morsels, Trey is here to facilitate our Python learning journey. If you want to learn the Pythonic ways to solving programming issues, he has the knowledge base to impart to help level up your skills.

If you are currently between jobs and money is tight, contact Trey for a discount. He is not going to hold you back from helping you upskill yourself.

Raghu (QA Lead)

My main obstacles were time and money. Initially i was hesitant to sign up as its a little expensive and back then, I had signed up for PyBites as well. I am also working and I don't have time to justify for the morsels. But I received a humble bundle code to use morsels for six months after which i signed up and found it really helpful.

No doubt, I learnt a lot of Python from solving the morsels. Usually the exercises are targeted toward different knowledge sets, but there is a way for me to switch to another difficulty level once I am more confident in my Python skills.

My favorite part of Python Morsels is the screencasts because they deal with understanding Python concepts in short-sized videos.

I also like:

  1. The provided solutions, which assimilate my understanding
  2. I can come back and later erase my solution and start from beginning
  3. Points that are provided with each activity I do, which encourages me to come back and solve more
  4. Bonus questions: these are well laid out and usually don't overwhelm me because the base question is easy and gradually the bonus ones become very tough to crack

No doubt I would recommend Python Morsels. There is lot of value because it's not only exercises you are solving: there are a whole bunch of links and other hints provided which make understanding a particular Python topic very easy and relatable.

Leon Webster

The only obstacles I had were money (Python is a hobby) and a bit of fear about making a fool of my self when submitting solutions.

After signing up I found that I still enjoy solving puzzles. Even though your challenges often say that mixed or intermediate users should only solve one or two of the extras, I always try to solve them all. but my solution is not always the most pythonic solution.

The challenges allow me to work at my own speed, and to take a hiatus while traveling or doing other things. I always enjoy seeing Trey's solutions since I learn a lot from them.

I really like the short screen casts. I have learned a lot from them, and am surprised how much of them I remember when something comes up in a problem a few weeks later.

I find these morsels a really enjoyable way to learn Python and a good way to help a recovering COBOL/Smalltalk/C++/Java guy become more pythonic. I would strongly recommend Python Morsels to those who are coming to Python from another programming language.

David Lehane

I was uncertain whether Python Morsels would be worthwhile for me. It definitely was (and still is) worth it.

What I like best is that the solutions emphasize code readability first and foremost.

I also like that it exposes me to Python features/libraries I'm not yet familiar with, it allows me to learn from an expert, and it provides a regular weekly routine for practice/learning.

I think Python Morsels is an ingenious service and a good value for the money. I've gotten a lot out of it.

Christopher Wulle

Thank you for putting all this together. As a hobbyist coder, your lessons are instrumental to me staying engaged and progressing in my learning. So it is truly appreciated.

Joseph Flanagan

Before I signed up, I wasn’t sure of how difficult the exercises would be. My general experience with Python programming was about a year, with some years of R before that.

It was absolutely worth it. Even if I couldn’t solve the exercises (and often I couldn’t), the explanations did a great job clarifying things. I think I learned more by having issues presented in a particular problem-solving context than I would just reading about them. Several different solutions were presented and the discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of each were clearly explained. Even if the problems themselves may have been too difficult for me, the explanations weren’t. The explanations are probably my favorite part, but everything about the exercises is great: from the description of the problem, through the tests, to the solutions and explanations.

I can’t emphasize enough how useful it is to learn Python in a problem-solving context. You learn both Python idioms as well as more general programming concepts.

Eric Vanhove

I was just finishing off catching up on some morsels when the second month's bill came in. Got to admit, when I signed up I was thinking "I'm not sure if this is worth $4 a week..." When I saw the bill (and I had literally just run the tests and got the lovely "OK"). My first thought was "yeah, I'm glad I'm spending this $4 a week." So, thanks!

Larry Marek

I wasn't sure this was the sort of thing I wanted to get involved in. I've done just one exercise so far, and I have to say it was much better than I had thought it'd be. It was a nice amount of code - enough to need some thought, not too much to get over involved. At first I'd thought the exercise would be some "cute" problem with little real-world use, but it turned out to be a very useful thing. I'm an old retired guy learning Python just for the fun of it, so the primary benefit to me is that it forces me to really write some code on a regular basis. Following book exercises are usually too canned. I also like that Trey proposes various solution hints in mid-week. Also, it's good to compare my solution with an expert. My solution may work, but it doesn't always really do it "the Python way". I would recommend PM to anyone that wants to get some practice coding in Python. I do wish there was a forum everyone could post their code. It's good to see Trey's solution, but it would be even better to see a variety of solutions.

Kaloyan Danovski (Computer Science student)

The biggest obstacles for me were the price for the subscription and the limited number of exercise credits. I only recently started a paid subscription to solve more.

I like that it gives you a framework for working on (fairly) atomic Python programming concepts that nevertheless tie into everyday projects.

All of the content, including solutions, is ready and waiting for you. You can choose whether to watch or read "screencasts". The website is good. Trey (and the team, I assume) is very responsive.

I would recommend Python Morsels to others, but probably not to anyone that doesn't use Python in their day-to-day. So, for example, I'm not sure I would recommend it to someone just starting out with programming or with programming in Python. I think picking up the Python language requires a larger commitment (a harder push) rather than the incremental improvements that Python Morsels offers.

I think it's an amazing product! The only thing I wish is that it was a bit simpler, with all of the tiers and subscription types and credit amounts and premium/non-premium 'casts. I still find it confusing sometimes.

Julien Petitperrin

I discovered Python Morsels from a Humble Bundle along with other sites, such as PyBites. The assignments were much more doable (time, resources) than the other sites included in the bundle. It has been worth it without a doubt.

My favorite part is the helpers given with each assignment. I also like the "step by step" structure of the assignments as well as all the screencasts available on the "Watch" page.

I would recommend Python Morsels to beginners without a doubt. This is a great way to discover Python core features. The content is great and I am glad to know about it.

Michael A

I was initially skeptical to sign up for yet another coding platform, but was ultimately totally satisfied with my decision to sign up. The learning in Python Morsels is broken up in to small chunks and explained very clearly.

The exercises are easily my favourite part. They're enjoyable but designed so they test your Python knowledge, not your algorithm or math skills. The bit-sized videos and newsletters are great too.

I'd definitely recommend Python Morsels to anyone who wants to get better at writing or understanding Python.

Axel (Software Engineer)

Python Morsels helps keep my skills sharp with spaced repetition.

There are a lot of free resources online, so before using the platform I was not sure it would be superior. Fortunately, it surpassed my expectations! I like the strong emphasis on code readability and lesser known Python features.

I would recommend Python Morsels to every Python developer. Keep educating and enriching the platform! Thanks!

Kumar Pradeep

The only challenging factor for me was money because at that time I was struggling to get a job. I am coding regularly. I was spending hours on it, even for simple tasks. While solving morsels exercises, I realize often more things, and hence my search becomes more and more exhaustive and more productive, and that my friends, has increased my knowledge and learning. Most of it is difficult for me as I am not from any programming background, so in a way, I am learning things from very scratch. For me, every challenge is unique in a way. Whenever I solve a problem, It's completely new, hence completing it from start to end gives me a lot of confidence. With Python Morsels, you become disciplined, aggressive, and your confidence level goes up. I would recommend this because there is definitely something for everyone. I have never seen in my real life experience, the problems which I have solved, but I think it's worth a shot. It is a great thing, at least it was a boon to me.

Wesley Cranston (Software Developer)

Python Morsels helps me with my Python learning habit, continues to teach me new things, and reinforces my existing Python knowledge.

Obviously with so much information online and readily available, I was deterred at first from paying for Python Morsels. However, so much of that free information is not always the best and I probably would have wasted time sifting through the less helpful material. Python Morsels on the other hand seemed like a well put together program that could actually help my Python skills. I believe I tried it out first with some free exercises and that was what sold me, I realized this was worth every penny. The organized email, the depth of detail Trey would go into explaining his solutions, the screencasts, just lots of high quality Python educational material. I ended up paying and over the course of these morsels I have seen my Python code improve substantially.

The best part is the accessibility of the Python challenges. I usually download the testing scripts so that I can do the challenges locally and then upload my solutions. It's nice that the website also has a built-in interpreter so anyone with internet access can use it. Then being able to see solutions afterwards is probably where I do most of my learning. The way Trey explains the reasoning behind his answers is so helpful, especially when there is a problem or bonus that I couldn't solve. Having all this information at your fingertips is so great.

The screencasts are a great resource that compliments the challenges. These short segments are great for learning some of the most important aspects of Python. It's always nice when a recommended exercise suggests a cast to watch along with the challenge.

I have already been recommending Morsels to my friends that are/were in the same situation as me. Friends that changed careers into software development that began learning Python but wanted a great resource to improve their knowledge of the language.

Michael A Gilmore

Python Morsels is a fun and easy way to learn Python programming. Weekly exercises are short and focused on a topic. The bonuses to each exercise add to the challenge. Watching the short screen-cast videos on the Python Morsels web site has also helped me solve the exercises. I also like that after submitting my solution I can study the instructor's various solutions and the explanations of each.

Many text books stop after basic programming. I feel that Python Morsels shows me the whole picture rather than a subset of functions and modules. I also appreciate the lack of pressure with Python Morsels. I wouldn't have signed up if there was a required pace for learning.

Learning Python has been fun with Python Morsels. I highly recommend it for learning Python programming. A Python Morsels subscription is well worth the cost.

Ali Ansari

In my case, lack of free time is the form of work commitment and other online courses was my biggest concern when signing up. However, I have, so far, managed to keep up with the learning from Python Morsels by allocating some time every day or every other day.

This is by far, the best online course I have done for a long time. Python Morsels is made up of a number of categories that include exercises, screencasts, and links to learning materials. There is lots to take in but you can always go back to exercises and test what you had learnt previously.

The exercises are really well defined, specially that each of them breaks down into the base task and bonus tasks if you would like more of a challenge. One of the best things about exercises is that you are given hints in the form of links that are related to that particular exercise. The other piece that I really like are the screencasts. They are short (3 to 5 minutes) and to the point and you really learn something new in each one.

If you want to learn Python, I honestly don't think there is anything better than Python Morsels.

Jean-Claude (Software Developer)

My hesitation was a mix of money and time. My budget of time and money is limited, and I have to decide what I can do with my resources. But I signed up despite that and I immediately fell in love with Python Morsels. It’s a unique combination of exercises, unit tests and finally detailed explanations of the solution. Over time, you can improve your Python skills with little time and money. Python Morsels is simply great!!!

I like the mixed topics and the unit tests for the exercises. I also like that each exercises has several sub-problems and additional bonus problems. You can solve however much you like. The solution with detailed explanations are great also. And finally the weekly videos: very very good stuff!

I would recommend Python Morsels, as it’s no risk to sign up. You don’t have to spend lots of money and you can for sure benefit when you work on the exercises.

It's really cool that you offer this service. It's especially useful for people (like me), who do this education besides the daily job. You can work on the exercise when you have time, and do it wherever you are!

Mario Semialjac

I was unsure about the time commitment, but I made sure to plan a time slot to fit it into my schedule.

The exercises are interesting and the explanations connected to them (both written materials and screencasts) are very insightful and easy to understand. These resources allow me to bridge the knowledge gap and write functional solutions and at times I can solve some of the bonuses as well.

I like the focus on gradually improving your code from just working to working and being pythonic as well.

I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to all people looking for steady improvement in writing more pythonic code as well as people looking to better understand how python works.

Chris Z

The biggest trouble I've had is finding time to practice. I've also had problems using the tests. I still like the website though.

I am not a full-time programmer, but I use Python to help me in my daily work. I am a self-learner, and Python Morsel is one of my sources to improve myself.

I've most enjoyed the screencasts and how the problems are explained. The exercises are challenging. Even if I cannot solve it, I still like to look at Trey's solutions. It allows learning new methods to approach problems.

I would recommend Python Morsel over other sites because Trey's responds to questions.

J Sibs

As a developer with 2 years of Python experience, Python Morsels has efficiently and effectively taken my Python skills to a very desirable level. I really like Python Morsels structured, strategic data "dump" to the students. It's makes learning efficient, truly.

Python Morsels is excellent from beginners to advanced developers. I would highly recommend Python Morsels for anyone wanting to expand, or simply start Python.

Jeff Brown

I tend to shy away from monthly commitments, preferring to purchase materials that I can consume on my own time. For full disclosure, I turned my exercise credits from Humble Bundle into a subscription to Python Morsels. I did it to be able to attend the Lazy Looping workshop and because I desire to find the time to spend at least weekly on Python learning. So far, I am hooked on the screencasts and enjoy working on the problems. It's a great product for learning because the educational materials are available if (when) you get stuck on a problem or if a concept is new to you.

My favorite part of Python Morsels is being able to get feedback on the exercises through the explanations provided. It's nice to know that the program met the requirements but I find the explanation of "what would Trey do to solve this" to be helpful for learning. I find Trey's explanations to be thoughtful and clear.

I also appreciate the interactive testing, multiple tiers of problems to solve, screencasts, and weekly reminders.

I would recommend Python Morsels for anyone who is looking for the type of help it offers. I would let them know that it is not geared toward beginners and does a great job of providing an "interactive" learning experience that can be consumed on your own time.

Oved Dahari

I use Python as a tool for my hobby, solving mathematical puzzles with computer power. Hence the intricacies of the Python language are usually not that interesting for me. Yet, the way Python Morsels presents problems, including hints and solutions, is fun. My favorite part is reading the solutions. They are so illuminating!

I almost feel at home here... The people in PM are friendly and accessible. I get the feeling they are willing to help me, personally. Trey was very helpful when I needed to deactivate my subscription for a time while learning JavaScript (I eventually reactivated when I returned to Python).

In my opinion this is a great resource for those who enjoy solving problems while learning the intricacies of Python.

Devin B

After signing up for Python Morsels, I found more content than I initially expected, which was fantastic. I've enjoyed the articles the most. I like the ability to either watch or read the content available, and I really like how things are organized by topic and tag. This allows me to deep dive into a topic and really think about what's going on behind the scenes with Python.

The exercises I've done have been well-crafted. I enjoy having the ability to work on a Python problem and then immediately test my code right in the browser.

I have already recommended Python Morsels to a couple coworkers, who share a passion and love for Python.

Michael Laevens

I like Python Morsels because it focuses on Python without making you a data scientist. It's very compatible with the straight to the point learning style. The instructor is knowledgeable (confirmed by his seminars on O'Reilly) and the opinions stated are clear: "here's what you need to know" versus "go read the documentation".

I like the learning path with emails and dashboard suggesting next steps. The exercises are designed to build on newly acquired knowledge and new topics. Sometimes you're required to use the hints: a single sentence hint summary or a full page hint if you need it. The steps after each exercise are great too: summarizing what I learnt and the ability to reschedule the exercise to solve again.

I also like that I can go off the recommended learning path. I'm currently in the last steps of learning for the PCAP certification and I often jump to articles and videos without following the learning path.

My favorite part is the articles and videos, which are direct and to the point. One exercise required the property decorator. The video on properties skipped the detailed language internals and I could simply add the property decorator without further explanation. No doubt that decorators will require much more time to learn. But simply using it was good enough to get started.

Note that I received a membership discount and I am grateful for that. The generous discount policy also shows that Trey is a decent human being who cares about the community.

While I would recommend Python Morsels, it's tricky to recommend a learning platform without knowing someone's needs and expectations. You can test Python Morsels before paying: a learning platform that I cannot test is often a no-go for me.

You can find Python Morsels pricing here, but keep in mind that Python Morsels includes a free trial as well.

Python Morsels trial accounts includes dozen of free screencasts and three free exercises. I also offer a money-back guarantee.

Sign up for free Python Morsels exercises