What people say about Python Morsels

Below are some of the things that people have said about Python Morsels.

All of the below feedback is genuine and I believe it is all honest (I don't think any of these folks were flattering or bribing me). 😉 Some of the feedback below is solicited (via a feedback form), but none of it is compensated.

When evaluating whether Python Morsels is for you, rather than looking for positivity/negativity consider whether the below descriptions of Python Morsels sound like the kind of thing that might suit your needs well.

Matt Lakin

I'm 17 exercises in, and I am still absolutely loving Python Morsels. The way it's structured with the base problems, bonus problems, the links to forum posts as hints, and the way the Wednesday solution walks you through the thought process and iterates over different solutions is just perfect. The difficulty level so far has been hitting a nice sweet spot, where I've been able to solve the base and sometimes a few bonus steps on my own, and the rest with your hint links, and then finally when I get the solution it validates some of my choices and thought process, and teaches me some different and usually more elegant or clever ways to approach the problems.

Jeannie Friedel

I love these. They are short and simple enough that I can do them in between putting my daughters to bed, but challenging enough that I learn something new almost every time. Of course there is always a long - probably unpythonic - way to solve most problems, but I push myself, not to make it short, but to make it readable, clear, and pythonic. It's great to be able to try different stuff out that I may not use every day because I'm just not comfortable with it. I usually get more out of the bonuses than the main exercise, but I absolutely LOVE having the automated tests.

Sjoerd Job Postmus

Three of our developers are doing Python Morsels. My biggest concern when signing up for Morsels was the time-involvement. Would it not cost too much time from my development team? The purchase was definitely worth it. The challenges provided by Python Morsels are practical and relevant for the working software developer. The automated tests assure you're not only solving a problem, but know that it works. The solution e-mail provides a very thorough reasoning behind the chosen implementations. Also the weekly challenges are fun! I would definitely recommend Python Morsels to others. It's a lot of fun, and includes very practical information. Thank you for providing us with the weekly Morsels, Trey. They're well worth it.

Keith O'Sullivan

Thanks for the great exercise this week. I really appreciate the thought that goes into defining and testing these exercises. I was happy enough when I finished the basic challenge (still trying to wrap my head around iterators). But when I pulled off both challenges and managed to edit my code down to 7 lines, I got pretty excited. I seem to learn more each week for the couple of hours that I spend on these than the rest of the week combined.

Rosie Highsmith

Python Morsels has given me a clear understanding of how to approach core concepts of programming in Python. It's the perfect mix of familiarity and new ideas as Trey's explanations are both methodical and engaging.

Volker Englisch

Overall I have to admit that I'm blown away by the usefulness of your weekly exercises. There is nothing academic about them and they seem to be applicable to many situations. In addition, the exercises are simple enough to follow the basic concepts while the bonus sections provide depth to keep me busy for the week. Thanks again for your great training!

Eric Vanhove

I was just finishing off catching up on some morsels when the second month's bill came in. Got to admit, when I signed up I was thinking "I'm not sure if this is worth $4 a week..." When I saw the bill (and I had literally just run the tests and got the lovely "OK"). My first thought was "yeah, I'm glad I'm spending this $4 a week." So, thanks!

Saurav R. Tuladhar

For me, there were two obstacles. First, the fee of $16/mo. I knew it was not a substantial amount to me, but still I had to make a mindful commitment rather than some mindless spending. It was a mental obstacle I had to overcome. Second, I was concerned that the morsels would involve only basic Python and so my Python skills would not be pushed beyond what I have now. But now after more than 3 months of Python Morsels, I genuinely feel an improvement. The purchase was worth it down to every cent. Not only in terms of the money, but also in terms of the time put in towards working on the weekly morsels. It's a form of weekly deliberate practice to improve my Python skills. It makes me think about the underlying structure of the Python language. I realized that there are multiple ways a problem can be solved using Python. Also I find the unittests provided by Trey very helpful.

I would recommend Python Morsels to anyone looking to improve their Python skills. I have learned and actually implemented new Python skills after following Python Morsels compared to learning through a tutorial. Unlike following through a tutorial on a specific Python topic or feature, the weekly problem format follows an 'active learning' approach where one is encouraged to think in a Pythonic way. Moreover the solutions provided by Trey exhibits a multitude of ways in which the particular problem could be solved. I find reading it highly insightful going through Trey's solutions where he presents both why and how a particular solution works.

Larry Marek

I wasn't sure this was the sort of thing I wanted to get involved in. I've done just one exercise so far, and I have to say it was much better than I had thought it'd be. It was a nice amount of code - enough to need some thought, not too much to get over involved. At first I'd thought the exercise would be some "cute" problem with little real-world use, but it turned out to be a very useful thing. I'm an old retired guy learning Python just for the fun of it, so the primary benefit to me is that it forces me to really write some code on a regular basis. Following book exercises are usually too canned. I also like that Trey proposes various solution hints in mid-week. Also, it's good to compare my solution with an expert. My solution may work, but it doesn't always really do it "the Python way". I would recommend PM to anyone that wants to get some practice coding in Python. I do wish there was a forum everyone could post their code. It's good to see Trey's solution, but it would be even better to see a variety of solutions.

Kumar Pradeep

The only challenging factor for me was money because at that time I was struggling to get a job. I am coding regularly. I was spending hours on it, even for simple tasks. While solving morsels exercises, I realize often more things, and hence my search becomes more and more exhaustive and more productive, and that my friends, has increased my knowledge and learning. Most of it is difficult for me as I am not from any programming background, so in a way, I am learning things from very scratch. For me, every challenge is unique in a way. Whenever I solve a problem, It's completely new, hence completing it from start to end gives me a lot of confidence. With Python Morsels, you become disciplined, aggressive, and your confidence level goes up. I would recommend this because there is definitely something for everyone. I have never seen in my real life experience, the problems which I have solved, but I think it's worth a shot. It is a great thing, at least it was a boon to me.

Guido Nicolás Mitolo

I've checked others python learning oriented websites and I couldn't find yet anyone better than yours. It is much easier to get involved in the process of learning through challenging exercises than reading or repeating some formulas.


I've finally got a job!

I just wanted to thank you one more time for your Python Morsels! It gave me that fluency I really searched for and turned my thinking process into what I can only call a truly pythonic style, and after I went through tens of coding interviews over the last two months I can clearly state it was possible because of Python Morsels.

Chris Soujon

The tips are always so great, they are like that perfect mentor that just gives you these subtle hints on what parts you probably want to refactor.

Curtis Mitchell

Thank you so much for creating this service. I've been a professional web developer for several years so JavaScript has been my primary language. But I decided to plunge into machine learning this year and thanks in no small part to signing up for Python Morsels last year, I felt comfortable enough with the language to apply to Springboard's ML engineering program last month and got accepted! I even did the technical admission questions in Python instead of JS!

Christopher Wulle

Thank you for putting all this together. As a hobbyist coder, your lessons are instrumental to me staying engaged and progressing in my learning. So it is truly appreciated.

Bartosz Chojnacki

During my study of Python, I used various programming challenge sites. I came across Python Morsels via the Python package on the Humble Bundle. I can say for sure that this is the best challenge site I have ever come across, not only in terms of the challenges but also in the form of additional material support on your blog. There are many websites with similar programming challenges nowadays, but yours is certainly distinguished by the fact that the tasks are really thought out, created by a person with a passion for what he does. You are great at what you do.

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