About Us (Me Really)

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Python Morsels was created by me, Trey Hunner. I've been writing Python code regularly since 2009.

Since 2015, I've focused my energy primarily on teaching Python to other developers. Through my training company, Truthful Technology LLC, I've taught hundreds of developers in both small and large teams through on-site and remote Python team training.

Through all of my teaching efforts, I've found that finding and creating well-developed Python exercises can be very tricky. I've also noticed that my students often struggle to continuing developing and pushing their Python skills. I created Python Morsels to solve these problems.

Python Morsels is a labor of love for me. I love a good programming exercise, especially when it involves practicing and discussing Python-specific skills.

If you'd like to contact me about Python Morsels, Python team training, or anything else always feel free to send me an email.

If you're looking for more learning, you might want to checkout some of my Python articles, Python talks, or recordings of my many live Python Chat events (they're basically webinars but fun).