Beginner Python Resources

I get this question a lot: Where should I start to learn Python?

While I do hold Intro to Python team trainings, Python Morsels is currently focused on continued Python learning, that is everything just beyond introductory Python (which I feel is an under-served space). I plan to create an online introductory course one day, but until then I recommend you learn the Python basics elsewhere before trying out Python Morsels.

Fortunately, there a tons of great introductory Python resources you could use to get started with Python.

For brand new programmers I often recommend:

For experienced programmers I often recommend:

  • The official Python tutorial, which can be sometimes both too verbose and not verbose enough but it's worthwhile to skim nonetheless
  • Luciano Ramalho's Fluent Python (with companion resources) which dives very deep at times, but if you're a fairly experience programmer you'll probably find this book quite engaging

Lastly, I'd check out what others say online. Everyone learns differently and you might want to spend 30 minutes researching which resource fits your needs/desires best.

The Python Discord has a list of resources they recommend and I trust that community's judgement.

If you're not new to Python and you're just looking for additional resources, check out the Python Morsels resources page for talks, articles, podcasts, and competitors I often recommend.

Of course for all Python users I also recommend signing up for Python Morsels, but for brand new programmers I recommend sticking to the free screencasts and reading some of the resources I recommend via my emails (hold off on attempting the exercises until you've done a bit more Python programming).

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